The Strategy First Plan

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well
the product or service fits him and sells itself."

Peter Drucker


The secret to explosive growth and effortless sales is a deep understanding
of the problems your target market has and positioning your solutions to solve them.


Total Online Presence Audit:  
We'll do a deep analysis of a your online presence including website structure, SEO, content, reputation and competitive landscape.

Core Messaging: 
We’ll help create a clearly defined and unique core difference, talking logo and messaging to use when reaching your market segments.

Competitive Research: 
We’ll use sophisticated tools as well as manual research to position you effectively against even your toughest competitors.

Marketing Hourglass:  
We’ll create a one sheet tactical plan that will increase incoming leads as well as grow recurring business and referrals.

Ideal Client Interviews & Personas: 
We’ll talk with your customers to learn what they love about you and define your key market segments to create personas of your ideal clients.

Content Calendar:  
Content drives marketing today. No matter what you do your blog posts, podcasts, videos, ads or even Facebook posts are all based on a smart content plan.

Tired of wasting money on marketing? Let’s position your business with a marketing strategy your target market won’t be able to resist.