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A shout out to Brian at Webistries Marketing & SEO. Brian serves as the webmaster for the Portage Soccer Club, an all volunteer organization. Under his capable direction the club is unifying all of its online activities to be multi-channel. He is our "go to guy" for positive and effective online marketing strategies. Thanks Brian!

Portage Soccer Club

Excellent audit and review process along with a thorough presentation on SEO strategy. I Highly recommend.

Charlotte Chiropractic and Rehab

Working with Brian and his team has been an excellent experience. We went from the 3rd page of google to the 1st page. Business is up and the consumer is more educated about what we do.

Pain Management Physician, Author

Working with Webistries Marketing was a great experience. Our organization wanted to find ways to "spread the word" about a fundraising event and Webistries brought ideas and solutions to us that were a perfect fit. Leveraging social media to tap into the local demographic that matched the profile of our event, helped increase the number of attendees and revenue. Brian was extremely responsive to our needs and he always gave us his opinion based on years of experience.

Turning to Webistries was the difference maker for our event. I would highly recommend Brian and his company for any support you need.

Fundraising Chair, Portage Soccer Club

Brian occupies a unique place in advertising and marketing demographics…that is, he is of a generation that grew up during the growth of internet marketing while also having experience working in the “old school” business world where professional relationships and values are developed and honored. I especially like the fact that he respected my professional image and place in the market…never wanting to change them but to optimize them for a stronger online presence.

I can recommend Brian Ruggiero wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to grow their business. He has and will remain a valuable resource to me as a seasoned business owner.

Boesky Chiropractic, PLC

I've worked with Brian over the last year. He has become my go to guy for anything with chatbots and messenger bots - the next wave of marketing automation! Great presenter on this topic as well.

Owner, ChangeScape Web

Teaming up with Webistries Marketing & SEO three months ago was one of the best decisions we could have made to promote our small business. My wife and I own a chiropractic rehabilitation facility in Charlotte, North Carolina and we needed to promote our office better through online methods if we wanted to grow as a business.

While we understood the importance of improving a business' online presence, we didn't have the time or technical knowledge to accomplish the necessary changes we felt were needed to expand our company's exposure online. Gone are the days where people refer to the Yellow Pages for information, today people search online and read reviews when they attempt to learn about a business.

Brian, with Webistries Marketing & SEO, explained the necessary steps in the process of how he could help our office become more prevalent with online searches and throughout the process the communication has been fantastic. I am happy to say after 90 days, we have seen a 79% increase in patient calls to our office from online searches, not clicks on our site, calls. Webistries even gave our website a facelift, making it more practical for visitors and patients to navigate along with easier opportunities for contacting the office, leaving online reviews and obtaining office intake forms.

We were also thrilled that Webistries catered their services to what we could budget as a small business. This allowed us to focus our marketing efforts with online services rather than spending our budget on other traditional marketing efforts with often undetermined results. Brian shares statistics with us often so we can monitor our plan as a team to determine where we should focus our efforts going forward for optimal results.

In my opinion, our decision to work with Webistries Marketing & SEO was one of the best marketing decisions we could have made and this group is second to none for any business that decides to expand their brand online.

Queen City Chiropractic & Sports Performance

The team at Webistries is amazing. They stay up to date on all the current marketing trends and do an awesome job of helping their clients grow their business. I'd highly recommend them.

As a solopreneur, I look hard at any outside expertise that might help my marketing endeavors. In the two years I've known Brian, I've been impressed with his knowledge, his work ethic, and his focus on providing more value than he promises. I think he'd be a vital part of any team, and I highly recommend him.

Actor, Artist, Coach